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Raw Products

The raw products we use to formulate our fertilizers are commodity type products. Manufacturing with these products allows us to offer very competitively priced custom blended fertilizers. Our solutions are designed to improve your yields, decrease input costs and boost your bottom line.

Nitrogen Blend

When you apply fertilizer you want your plants to absorb as many nutrients as possible. With our balanced nitrogen product we decrease volatilization and maximize uptake to ensure your crops get the most out of your liquid fertilizer. Through soil sampling we can manufacture a custom nitrogen sulfur product to fit your fertility program for corn and small grains. Give us a call to see how we can improve the effectiveness of your fertilizer this season.


Used at the time of planting, starter fertilizer can significantly enhance plant development. Starter fertilizer provides essential nutrients near seedling roots and ensures rapid early growth for both corn and soybean plants. Starter fertilizer is one of the most important decisions made for any crop and Prescription Agronomics offers a starter fertilizer that’s competitively priced and customized for your nutrient needs. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a starter fertilizer for your fields.


Prescription Agronomics Micronutrient Blends Micro nutrients are extremely important to corn, soybeans and wheat plants. Having the right micronutrients available to the growing crop will help increase yields in your field. The right micronutrients in your fertilizer will help maximize your profitability. We have many different blends of micronutrients, and many options for different chelated and complexed micronutrient blends..

Foliar Blend

The use of a foliar blend can improve your profits through increased yields and savings in fertilizer. A foliar blend improves fertilizer efficiency, accelerates plant growth, enhances yields and lowers disease pressure. This technology reaches your crops through its leaves and is a very cost effective option for producers of any size. Let us manufacture a high-analysis, low- cost foliar blend fertilizer to improve your bottom line this year.

Water Treatment

Regardless if you’re using water for spraying, irrigation or animal consumption, it is much more effective if the pH level is correct and the bicarbonates are lowered. At Prescription Agronomics we understand the science behind finding the perfect balance and specialize in manufacturing water treatment products to treat all types of water. We’ll take samples of your water and provide a custom solution for your farm, give us a call to learn more.

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